Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you're a pain in the ass .

Alright so , I am readin this book called He forgot to say goodbye and I LOVE IT .
What i love about this book is that its SO REAL (:
I mean , the issues in the book are the things that normal people like us have to deal with everyday .
I know the title of the book may seem like OOOOOOO too cheesy . Suck it up 'cause your boyfriend left you .
Actually NO .
Its about these two teenage boys and how their fathers completely left them .

So anyways ,
I REALLY like some of the things that each character says in this book (:
so heres one ..

" I have a new theory. Okay, so maybe I grow too many theories in my brain. My biology teacher told me once that my mind was like a petri dish growing all kinds of bacteria. Okay, so maybe he has a point. But my new theory is this: Everybody in the world speaks their own kind of language. And you know what? All we do is translate. No, all we do is mistranslate. Thats my new theory. I mean, how else do you explain the fact that nobody understands one another. "

^ story of my life .

anyways , my life is pretty stable right now .
but its just that i know some people that should get hit by a bus right now .
or get ran over by a tank .
or get their boobs cut off .

okay i know i sound like a bitch now .. but trust me (:

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