Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Like Pie . (:

Alright so ,
i am almost finished with my science i s u shit .
just need to find three scientific facts on lighting .
Dont know where the hell i am gonna get them from .
my topic is " Investigate the nature of lightning . "
Pretty cool right ? (:

Lightning can make mushrooms multiply . :D
^ I mean thats freakin awesome .
maybe we should try lighting on some other issues like .
Nice guys .
Theres not many of those left in this universe .
We should apply lighting on them to see if THEY multiply .
; ) OF COARSE not .

gonna go take a nap and then start on my geography i s u shit .
i totally forgot about the editorial shit .

ps - I  forgot to buy a freakin present for my bestfriend . 
her birthday passed like a week ago .
I am such a nice friend .
KUUDO-S to me (: 

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