Saturday, July 31, 2010

Absolutely hate it when little kids touch my belongings .

i mean
i can actually say that
when i was little
i didnt really touch anyone's stuff
without permission  :)

sitting here
in front of the computaa
this is soo lame
i mean i dont even FEEL like going out and getting some sunshine
is this normal?
i think not .
i mean i have never been normal .
never in my life .
so i guess i really have nothing to worry about . :)

At tumblr at the moment .
i never thought that i would love harry potter this much .
i honestly thought that harry potter is just for geeks [ i am one but ]
i never read any of the books .
it was awesome .
and its soo addicting .
100 times better than freakin twilight . That i can say .

Reading 2 books at the same time could really cause some headache .
but what can i say .
Books are my new bestfriend :)
my other besties are out with their families .
i cant blame them , family first :) thats my rule

Saturday, July 24, 2010

seriously sexy.


So yesterday ,
me and my friend beauty ray went to watch The Inception .
it was the most awesomest movie evevevevverr .

and today we went to zeeee library :)
and got shit loads of books
i doubt if i am gonna be able to finish before the due dates .
hopefully no one is after those books and that they let me renew them :) inshaAllah

thank Allah that i had an umbrella .
Deep down , it felt so good to not get wet but walk in this beautiful rain at the same time .
wasnt those cold kinds , when you get a fever just 'cause of a droplet.
the water was warm . and happy .

Off to walmart to get my mommy :)
i dont care if anyone hates that store
'cause we all know that no one can .
I mean , that store has all the shit you need .

Saturday, July 17, 2010


alrighty so
this summmaa isnt that exciting .
But it sure is unique :)
so , on the 15th of July ,
my mom graduated from CCL&D [ proud of her ]
so i thought i am gonna be all bored when i reach there
you know .
its all grown ups
and they are in their own big world
and i am in my own little world .

as i was walking around the hotel
some dude came up to me
and was like
if youre bored , theres this thing going on in the other ball room .
and i am like okay ...
and so i made my way to this room
and all i see are these [ extremely pretty ] girls and makeup shizz everywhere !
and i was like ' HOLY SHIT'

and then i see this huge tiara and a thaang that says ' Miss Teen Canada '

so i did what i do best
 - took some pictures of the models :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup 2010 : ewww .


so my family , we went to Popey's
Good food :)
the one on danforth .
halal :)
and we decided we are visiting Brazil for the next world cup .
Cant wait
Hope we all live
Insha Allah :)

Got a call from the doctors .
my blood test has arrived .
if you get a call like this , its means you have a problem and the doctor wants to speak  to you .
Probably gonna get iron tablets .
Again D:
Stupid blood :(
actually not stupid ... without it i would be dead

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

hot hot hot .

oh hello .
its hot .
i like it .
feels like Bangladesh :)
brings back a lot of memories .

i seriously need iron tablets .
feeling a bit dizzy .
i need help with this math thing .
sooo hard .

Saturday, July 3, 2010

he is gonna grow and become a ronaldo .

Ad for Huggies Jeans diapers .
People and their crazy ideas .
Gotta love em .

Friday, July 2, 2010

one of those really painful days .

so here i am .
sitting in front of the computer .

why ?
Because :
- Brazil lost .
- Ghana lost .
- Cramps .
- All alone / bored out of my life at home .
- saddest summa eva .

yes , i know
i shouldnt be sad .
at least i am alive .
theres people with deadly diseases that will die and have no money to get cured .
at least i have food and shelter .
I mean, theres people on the other side of the world that are dying of hunger .

so anyways ,
i shall log off that dumb ' SOCIAL SITE ' called facebook
and go read this book i am reading :)
its awesome .
if youre reading this, youre probably thinking ' whoah what a nerd '
yea . youre right . :)


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