Friday, April 23, 2010


Since my day was soo NON awesome i have decided to rant about it and show my anger here instead of taking it out on someone else + Poor pillows have suffered a lot (:

SOO here it goes , 

first period .
Math test .
Did pretty well , seemed like it was easy .
But youknow , dont wanna jinx it .
soo , i shall wait for monday to get it back (: 

^ pretty good right ?

second period .
Science : earth day communication assignment .
IT WAS FUN , considering how much of a science geek I am (:
My station was endangered species .
we solved a quiz and got oreo cookies > milk's favorite cookie ?
and then we wanted more treats so we went to "fashion for fur"
and then we answered this really hard question and got a twix bar (:
and then we wanted more treats so we went to forestry ,
Solved a puzzle and got three lollipops . (Y)
and thats how i spent my second period .

^ Even better right ? :D

third period ,
freakin hate that class .
Boringest class ever . 
last class i got kicked out 'cause i said "this class is so boring" out loud .
Like honestly , can you believe that ?
and then he is like "shatila we had this talk before , remember ? "
" its called freedom of speech " 
" well next time its detention and office " 
PFFFTT ,alright (:

he talked more about the stupid isu .
scared me even more .
Tommy was staring at me like a pedo .
The dick was being a dick .

^ you dig ?

OH joy :D
had chicken and rice .. mmmmmm (Y)
talked about how our morning was .
we are such ladies (:
and some other shit that shouldnt be said here : )

^ good stuff 

fourth period .
english test .
wrote a report on Bob Ewell from to kill a mocking bird .
i think i did pretty good (:
since i dont take art , borrowed beauty's sketch book
Doodled on it :D
eww , i cant believe i wrote about the dick .

AND THEN SOMETHING HORRBLE HAPPENED .. but fun at the same time :D
so we are supposed to go outside and pick out garbage for earth day ,
but instead me and annam decided to skip .
and soo we get caught by ms. whatsherface vocal teacher .
i was sooo scared i started mumbling my religious things :) 
and then we had to sit in the office , but since bibi is soo nice 
she is like its okay just sit here until the bell rings .
the bell rang .
I started to go up to the fourth floor  
and then i waited for beauty outside her class to freakin give her sketch book back 'cause she had art next .
FUDGE ! its him .
great great great .
and then i had to give the sketchbook to him :(
I really dont know why i did that .
i should have just ignored just like .... anyways , 
soo yeahh i started walking to my btt class .


fifith period .
supply teacher :)
soo i decided to skip again .
i went up to the art room to get beauty .
but they were watching some shit on tv 
and i thought it might be important so i didnt disturb her .
as i walked towards my class again i realized everyone is studying and shit .
So i was like , kay Shatila you need to start working .
^ cheesy ? i know .
But its the truth .
So as i was finishing my access report haula was singing .
Haula always knows how to make you smile . I like her (L)

^ hmmmm ?

After school .
sonia tells me  " she is so annoying , she always bothers me in msn while i try to do my homework "

:O :O :O :O :O 
never again ..
i mean , why cant you come and say it to the face ? 

and soo on the way back home , beauty was telling what happened in her gym class .
and i realized that everyone has some kind of problem .
a bitch thats bothering them .
It felt all normal .
she always knows how to make me happy and loved .

my fingers hurt .. so i shall stop for a moment (:

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