Thursday, April 29, 2010

your bullshit isnt working hater , maybe you should try a little harder (:



bwaahhaaaha , i am a little hyper and i really dont know the cause of it (:
but anyways , this week has not been nice to me and neither to my bestfriend .
reason why ?
Everyone used to be really nice . no lie .
you know , everybody wants to make an impression at the beginning of the year .
you dont want people to think that you are mean , especially ,
when youre a freshman and you meet new people .
I mean come on , who wants that ? right ?

since its the end of the year .
everyones fake face is coming off .
effen fake bitches .
Like wow .
i think i met an exact replica of this girl we met in grade 7 today .
i mean its like a food chain .
see this other total jerk likes or used to like this bitch .
and then this total jerk;s friend is another total jerk .
whom i  shall bitch about later .

i wanna bitch about that jerk now .
actually , he is not even worth calling a jerk .
that son of a duck's face looks worse than a hippo's asshole .
NOT even gonna start with the fat friend .
i mean , clearly youre bored and you dont have no other shit to talk about .
like no .

What gets me mad is that , i cant believe i trusted someone and told like half of my life story .
really ?
what the f was i thinking ? .
What a fake mother bitch .
you can go suck on your fat friend's dick .

Do you guys like not have a life ... ?
theres soo much important shit to do .
i mean i dont wanna sound like a noob but , thats it ?

wait till karma gets you bitches

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you can go suck on your small dick .

:D so i found this in Madame lamb's blog (:
Hope she wont mind 

Instead of telling everyone that you are having a case of the mondays, maybe you should just wear a color that alludes to your current state of mind. today.

: excitement, strength, passion, speed, violence, and love
YELLOW: hope, happiness, dishonesty, illness, idealism, and imagination
BLUE: peace, cold, stability, depression or sadness, order, trust, and confidence
ORANGE: energy, flamboyant, expansive, and balance
GREEN: luck, renewal, envy, fertility (brides in the medieval ages wore green to their weddings), generosity and inexperience
PURPLE: mourning, royalty, wisdom and transformation
BROWN: stability, endurance, simplicity and comfort
WHITE: purity, reverence, birth, innocence and humility
BLACK: sexuality, remorse, sophistication, death and power

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you're a pain in the ass .

Alright so , I am readin this book called He forgot to say goodbye and I LOVE IT .
What i love about this book is that its SO REAL (:
I mean , the issues in the book are the things that normal people like us have to deal with everyday .
I know the title of the book may seem like OOOOOOO too cheesy . Suck it up 'cause your boyfriend left you .
Actually NO .
Its about these two teenage boys and how their fathers completely left them .

So anyways ,
I REALLY like some of the things that each character says in this book (:
so heres one ..

" I have a new theory. Okay, so maybe I grow too many theories in my brain. My biology teacher told me once that my mind was like a petri dish growing all kinds of bacteria. Okay, so maybe he has a point. But my new theory is this: Everybody in the world speaks their own kind of language. And you know what? All we do is translate. No, all we do is mistranslate. Thats my new theory. I mean, how else do you explain the fact that nobody understands one another. "

^ story of my life .

anyways , my life is pretty stable right now .
but its just that i know some people that should get hit by a bus right now .
or get ran over by a tank .
or get their boobs cut off .

okay i know i sound like a bitch now .. but trust me (:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

hey cherry , whats up ?

I guess you can find more about cherries at

I Like Pie . (:

Alright so ,
i am almost finished with my science i s u shit .
just need to find three scientific facts on lighting .
Dont know where the hell i am gonna get them from .
my topic is " Investigate the nature of lightning . "
Pretty cool right ? (:

Lightning can make mushrooms multiply . :D
^ I mean thats freakin awesome .
maybe we should try lighting on some other issues like .
Nice guys .
Theres not many of those left in this universe .
We should apply lighting on them to see if THEY multiply .
; ) OF COARSE not .

gonna go take a nap and then start on my geography i s u shit .
i totally forgot about the editorial shit .

ps - I  forgot to buy a freakin present for my bestfriend . 
her birthday passed like a week ago .
I am such a nice friend .
KUUDO-S to me (: 

Friday, April 23, 2010

love like woe . (L)

So I love this man .
I think he is one of the most talented producers out there : )
Listen to one of his produced song , sang by The Ready Set | Love like woe |
scroll down to my playlist 

* dont bother kim .. i just got this pic 'cause he looks handsome here :D


Since my day was soo NON awesome i have decided to rant about it and show my anger here instead of taking it out on someone else + Poor pillows have suffered a lot (:

SOO here it goes , 

first period .
Math test .
Did pretty well , seemed like it was easy .
But youknow , dont wanna jinx it .
soo , i shall wait for monday to get it back (: 

^ pretty good right ?

second period .
Science : earth day communication assignment .
IT WAS FUN , considering how much of a science geek I am (:
My station was endangered species .
we solved a quiz and got oreo cookies > milk's favorite cookie ?
and then we wanted more treats so we went to "fashion for fur"
and then we answered this really hard question and got a twix bar (:
and then we wanted more treats so we went to forestry ,
Solved a puzzle and got three lollipops . (Y)
and thats how i spent my second period .

^ Even better right ? :D

third period ,
freakin hate that class .
Boringest class ever . 
last class i got kicked out 'cause i said "this class is so boring" out loud .
Like honestly , can you believe that ?
and then he is like "shatila we had this talk before , remember ? "
" its called freedom of speech " 
" well next time its detention and office " 
PFFFTT ,alright (:

he talked more about the stupid isu .
scared me even more .
Tommy was staring at me like a pedo .
The dick was being a dick .

^ you dig ?

OH joy :D
had chicken and rice .. mmmmmm (Y)
talked about how our morning was .
we are such ladies (:
and some other shit that shouldnt be said here : )

^ good stuff 

fourth period .
english test .
wrote a report on Bob Ewell from to kill a mocking bird .
i think i did pretty good (:
since i dont take art , borrowed beauty's sketch book
Doodled on it :D
eww , i cant believe i wrote about the dick .

AND THEN SOMETHING HORRBLE HAPPENED .. but fun at the same time :D
so we are supposed to go outside and pick out garbage for earth day ,
but instead me and annam decided to skip .
and soo we get caught by ms. whatsherface vocal teacher .
i was sooo scared i started mumbling my religious things :) 
and then we had to sit in the office , but since bibi is soo nice 
she is like its okay just sit here until the bell rings .
the bell rang .
I started to go up to the fourth floor  
and then i waited for beauty outside her class to freakin give her sketch book back 'cause she had art next .
FUDGE ! its him .
great great great .
and then i had to give the sketchbook to him :(
I really dont know why i did that .
i should have just ignored just like .... anyways , 
soo yeahh i started walking to my btt class .


fifith period .
supply teacher :)
soo i decided to skip again .
i went up to the art room to get beauty .
but they were watching some shit on tv 
and i thought it might be important so i didnt disturb her .
as i walked towards my class again i realized everyone is studying and shit .
So i was like , kay Shatila you need to start working .
^ cheesy ? i know .
But its the truth .
So as i was finishing my access report haula was singing .
Haula always knows how to make you smile . I like her (L)

^ hmmmm ?

After school .
sonia tells me  " she is so annoying , she always bothers me in msn while i try to do my homework "

:O :O :O :O :O 
never again ..
i mean , why cant you come and say it to the face ? 

and soo on the way back home , beauty was telling what happened in her gym class .
and i realized that everyone has some kind of problem .
a bitch thats bothering them .
It felt all normal .
she always knows how to make me happy and loved .

my fingers hurt .. so i shall stop for a moment (:


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good afternoon .. NOT !

Alright so , JUST finished that btt test on access .
Pretty Hard .
I think i failed the written part .
But kinda did good on the computer part (: (Y)

OMGSHH ! everyone that finished their test is playing on the computer

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly :S

okay i just came back from the salon .
I adore my hair dresser .
She is just soo nice .
Always has a smile on her face , kinda like that > : )

Soo , yeahh FINALLY got a haircut .
Looks ? , umm normal i guess .
I almost fell aslepp while she was cutting my hair .
It felt really soothing . like in a spa or shit .

Okiess , gotta go ZZZZZZZZZZZ ; )

When life gets you down , kick it in the balls - AniqahRahman

Shatilalalalalaa (:

This is scary .

Okay so , i finally got the meaning of the word " Illuminati " 
and lemme tell you , I . AM . SCARED .
Like i honestly dont know what to do or who to listen to now . 

It feels like the whole world is watching me .
like theres cameras fitted everywhere .
like everything is just set there to attack and kill me .
like everything is a trap .

I REALLY HONESTLY GENUINELY hate this feeling . 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Toast .. D ;

Alright so its 12:43 AM .
and tomorrow i have a really big geography test .

God bless me .

umm soo , i really dont know what i am gonna do tomorrow . D:
i am gonna be in soo much trouble .
this is soo stressful .
I mean , its not that i didnt have time to study .
I actually had like two days to finish my shit and prepare for the test .

AND the worst part is that ,
this time i cant blame this fault on somebody or something else .

LOOL , naw .

I am soo sleepy right now .
and when i am sleepy i dont even know half the things i say ... or even THINK .

soo , before i crack ..
G ' NIGHT <3

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alrighttyy ...

Umm , so friday was such a great day .. NOT !
FIRST , my OVERLY evil math teacher decides to give us a quiz out of no where when theres like only 15 minutes left of class .
She is soo evil . She was going around the class , SMILING , saying " having fun ? " NO LIE . Wallahi .
 EWW . who does that .
I have met evil people but not as evil as her . I mean these kinda people are only in the movies right ?

second period , i had a science test .
like for shure i failed . My science teacher is sometimes soo b o r i n g ..
and she makes the class seem like I am in aome university and shit .
like woman . You need to chill your balls .
So yeahh , i probably failed . BUT I STILL LOVE SCIENCE . <3
nerd ? i know (:
hey , thats the only subject i like . besides music .

third period ,
^ nuff said .
Teacher = creepiest of all .
students = I dont know what to say .. [ except some ]

i think i have a crush on the guy that was on the stage :$
he is my locker buddy .. i think ?
anyways , he is cute (:

Fifth period ,
we had a supply .
mr . peter was pretty strict .
But he seemed like a fair teacher unlike some other faggotrons . *cough cough* mr , moss .

^ i know .. i said faggotrons .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Btt class

Blogging when i should be finishing my databases .
stupid access .

At school .
Preparing to throw tuna at someones face . (:
But i dont think i have the guts to .

aniqah's script :
- throws tuna **
- " what was that for ? "
- " for being mean to branda even though i dont know who the hell that is " throws another piece of tuna **
     " and this ones for being such a dick . "

awwhhnn maan ,
i really wish i had the guts .

Whats the freakin point ?

i dont get it .
 i know like few days ago before i deactivated my account i wrote in my status that " 11.11 comes twice a day , because everyone deserves a second chance . "

^ NO .
Bullshit .

Now im totally against that kinda crap .
I mean why waste your time , when you should be moving on ?

^ yee .
its hard .

Just so you know


^ even though you're never gonna read this -_____-

Monday, April 12, 2010


I am soft on the inside crunchy on the outside for tomorrow :S

ohh and im really happy [ kinda ] that i got a freakin 89% in math test  BOOOYYYAAAHH :D


shit .
okay soo i have my english summative shit due tomorrow
and im not even done with my rough copy like im soo screwed .
D :

but you know whats weird ? im actually feeling really relaxed
currently im munching on bbq flavored chips and listening to metrics - twilight galaxy (:


soo i had a stupid geography test and i lost 2 marks on it .. -______-

oh and i hate my teacher
i used to love geography but he made me hate it

theres another one on monday D ;
hope i pass that (yn)


okay so i really feel like talking to this someone but he is a total jerk SO NO !

: '(

A quote from Bui (L)

" I have an urge to go paintballing ,
I wanna shoot someone in the ASS :)
Dont you ?
Its fun to run around with a gun and shoot people you dont like :D ... Go Try it sometime . "

^ EXACTLY how i feel right now (:


and he kinda talks like me (: ... when i talk to my friends and im kinda all dirty minded ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


hmm paintballing .. ?
sounds hella fun ! :D

but im freakin broke ...

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I love it when strangers come to you show some affection - thats sexy ;)

for the first time

kay so this is my first blog and i really dont know what to write about
so i will go take a nap (:


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