Thursday, April 29, 2010

your bullshit isnt working hater , maybe you should try a little harder (:



bwaahhaaaha , i am a little hyper and i really dont know the cause of it (:
but anyways , this week has not been nice to me and neither to my bestfriend .
reason why ?
Everyone used to be really nice . no lie .
you know , everybody wants to make an impression at the beginning of the year .
you dont want people to think that you are mean , especially ,
when youre a freshman and you meet new people .
I mean come on , who wants that ? right ?

since its the end of the year .
everyones fake face is coming off .
effen fake bitches .
Like wow .
i think i met an exact replica of this girl we met in grade 7 today .
i mean its like a food chain .
see this other total jerk likes or used to like this bitch .
and then this total jerk;s friend is another total jerk .
whom i  shall bitch about later .

i wanna bitch about that jerk now .
actually , he is not even worth calling a jerk .
that son of a duck's face looks worse than a hippo's asshole .
NOT even gonna start with the fat friend .
i mean , clearly youre bored and you dont have no other shit to talk about .
like no .

What gets me mad is that , i cant believe i trusted someone and told like half of my life story .
really ?
what the f was i thinking ? .
What a fake mother bitch .
you can go suck on your fat friend's dick .

Do you guys like not have a life ... ?
theres soo much important shit to do .
i mean i dont wanna sound like a noob but , thats it ?

wait till karma gets you bitches

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