Saturday, July 31, 2010

Absolutely hate it when little kids touch my belongings .

i mean
i can actually say that
when i was little
i didnt really touch anyone's stuff
without permission  :)

sitting here
in front of the computaa
this is soo lame
i mean i dont even FEEL like going out and getting some sunshine
is this normal?
i think not .
i mean i have never been normal .
never in my life .
so i guess i really have nothing to worry about . :)

At tumblr at the moment .
i never thought that i would love harry potter this much .
i honestly thought that harry potter is just for geeks [ i am one but ]
i never read any of the books .
it was awesome .
and its soo addicting .
100 times better than freakin twilight . That i can say .

Reading 2 books at the same time could really cause some headache .
but what can i say .
Books are my new bestfriend :)
my other besties are out with their families .
i cant blame them , family first :) thats my rule

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