Saturday, July 17, 2010


alrighty so
this summmaa isnt that exciting .
But it sure is unique :)
so , on the 15th of July ,
my mom graduated from CCL&D [ proud of her ]
so i thought i am gonna be all bored when i reach there
you know .
its all grown ups
and they are in their own big world
and i am in my own little world .

as i was walking around the hotel
some dude came up to me
and was like
if youre bored , theres this thing going on in the other ball room .
and i am like okay ...
and so i made my way to this room
and all i see are these [ extremely pretty ] girls and makeup shizz everywhere !
and i was like ' HOLY SHIT'

and then i see this huge tiara and a thaang that says ' Miss Teen Canada '

so i did what i do best
 - took some pictures of the models :)

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